Moving To/From Israel

Moving to/from Israel

SoniMove is the number one mover to and from Israel.
If you’ve decided to move to Israel, choosing SoniMove as your international mover is your first and probably most important choice. The move can be very stressful but we at SoniMove will help you do things right during this exciting time. Whether your move is to or from Israel for short or long periods of time SoniMove directs and manages the relocation process. We are Israel’s top international shipping company!!!!

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Aliyah Center

Having moved thousands of new immigrants to Israel we are truly Aliya specialists. SoniMove will help make your Aliya shipping experience as smooth as possible.
Know Your Rights!! We provide you with the ins and outs of Aliya Shipping and literally serve as your guide so you don’t miss out or lose your one time Aliya benefits..
When planning your Aliya shipping, you should have a general knowledge of the international shipping industry. SoniMove can save you valuable time by familiarizing you with the list of terms you will need to understand during the Aliya process.

Lifts and Containers

Lifts are where items are crated and boxed and shipped off individually or as part of another shipment. Once it arrives to Israel you are allowed up to one month of free storage
Containers come in 20 foot or 40 foot. A 20 foot container offers 1,050 cubic feet of space.
A container must be released within before arrival to Israel. We recommend shipping a full container in order to receive the best deal and get the most out of what is available to you.

Clearing Customs

You need the following documents In order to clear customs:
Teudat Zehut (Israeli identity card)
Teudat Oleh (Oleh certificate)
Passport and immigrant visa
Housing contract or lease listing the size of your new home or apartment
Manifest or List of contents of your shipment
The Number “One” Family Movers to and from Israel