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SoniMove helps clients obtain a Visa or Work Permit for the respective country. We are experts at dealing with bureaucratic systems in the respective country and are experts at handling the paperwork that encompasses visas and work permit applications.

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Upon the clients arrival in their respective country our representative will be waiting for them at the airport. They will welcome the client with open arms, transfer them to their new home and see that clients are comfortable. Our representative will also provide your clients with the lay of the land, for a smooth transition.

SoniMove work closely with clients to find the perfect house. The proximity to amenities and specific details are forwarded via constant email communication including pictures, to ensure a happy transition to turn a new house into a home.

When moving to another country there may be a waiting time until receiving the container. SoniMove suggest that renting furniture until such a time arrives will insure a smooth transition into a new home. SoniMove will work together with the clients to outline the specific requirements in each home, including fridges, beds, TVs, kitchen appliances, alarm systems etc… We will even stock the fridge.

Finding the appropriate schools or kindergarten for the clients children is one of our top priorities when relocating families. SoniMove find the perfect schools or kindergartens. We provide the client with a list of the possible schools attributes and statistics, including its proximity to their new home. Everything will executed before the client lands in the respective country, this includes dealing with the paperwork and buying the appropriate study materials. On the first day of school our representative will accompany the client to make sure smooth sailing.

Relocating country is an exciting new prospect but can also be an overwhelming experience. There are new languages to learn, and customs to adopt. We recommend and help the client in finding the appropriate language classes or cultural conferences to attend, we will even keep the clients informed of seminars in their respective languages. When taking part in such classes or seminars the client will find moving to a new country is not as hard as one would think.